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Welcome on the KoroIRC web site!

KoroIRC is a free Windows IRC client written in C, and whose aim is to be small and fast, while improving on the functionality of older clients. It is inspired from mIRC, HydraIRC and XChat.

The current version is mostly feature-complete and is usable as a full-fledged IRC client. Take a look at the screenshots to see what it looks like.

The next version, which is already deeply in the works, will support a DLL plugin interface and have some of the core functionality moved into separate plugins. Then work will go into creating a suitable script plugin, probably using Lua as a script language.

KoroIRC can be downloaded in the Download page.

Update (2008-07-06): Revamped the site a little (changed the main page text and removed the Design Goals page).

Update (2008-06-21): Started a blog and a Facebook page.